Fic: carrion comfort

Feb. 28th, 2017 01:05 am
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Title: carrion comfort

Fandom: Sherlock

Rating: Mature

Characters: Mycroft, the Holmes family, Lady Smallwood

Summary: Companionship is where you find it. (4750 words)

carrion comfort
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FFT: Bonus Essays--Women and Religion Pt. I

In which Walker complains a great deal about “symbolic cannibalism" existing, babbles about how said cannibalism convinced men that they could get pregnant, describes the human need for a dystopian damsel deity from the dawn of time to a bunch of atheists, and openly announces that women who practice monotheistic religions can’t be feminists.

Also? This is the RATIONAL part of Walker’s speech.

warning: controversial issues, warning: do not want, warning: potential triggers, warning: racism, warning: sexism, warning: victim-blaming
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I. I don't know how many people watch both Supergirl and Vampire Diaries, but it's giving me whiplash going back and forth between Kai Parker (serial killer, familicide, amoral mass murderer), and Mon-El (adorkable alien love interest and a former bro trying to learn to be a good man), both played by Chris Wood.

II. (This will force me to admit that my favorite Narnia book is the most racist one.) I've discovered that my hindbrain mentally amends "Ruth Bader Ginsburg" to "Ruth Bader Ginsburg (may she live for ever)" The Tisroc RBG, I guess.

(Just Over) 24 Hours for Signups!

Feb. 27th, 2017 09:29 pm
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Signups will close on 28 February at 11:59 PM, EST. Here is a countdown!

At that point, we’ll start matching. Hopefully that won’t take long, but if there are any unmatchable offers, we may need some time to hear back from those people. We’ll send out assignments by 3 March at the latest.

Here is the signup form, and here is the full list of requests. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Red is the Rose

Feb. 27th, 2017 10:28 pm
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Help, what does it mean when you love clearly vocaloid renditions of songs? Like I have always loved the melody but I think since the voice rendering software doesn't have to take a breath, obviously the breath support is perfect, even if the pronunciation is really weird:

(more seriously it doesn't mean anything, music isn't a contest of what's the hardest thing to produce etc etc etc whatever)
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Hat tip to [personal profile] kass for pointing me to this poem and the Rise Up Review website.

Advice for My Nephew on Getting his Driver’s Permit

Set your hands at 10 and 2
Grandpa once said to me, your mother,
your cousins, and he’ll say to you.
He’ll tell you to buckle up, adjust your
seat, your mirrors, and the one-second rule
for estimating the distance between
you and the car in front of you.
Then round and round you’ll cruise an empty
parking lot with Grandpa braced
between the dash and seat, smiling.
But he is a white man and may neglect to add:
Keep your palms flat against the wheel
when the police stop you for a broken light,
and never reach for your wallet.

— Wendy Scher


Feb. 27th, 2017 08:50 pm
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Is anyone else watching Powerless? It caught Geoff's eye, so he set the PVR for it, and while we're not sure it's got legs, it has been entertaining.

Negatives: jesus god could we please not have humor -- "humor" -- at the expense of the fat girl, and sitcom humor in general isn't often my thing.

Positives: The first couple episodes were actually pretty free of fat-girl "humor"; it was the fourth that had me grinding my teeth. Otherwise we do find it funny! And Alan Tudyk looks like he's having the time of hislife. Also I like Jackie (Christina Kirk), his assistant, and her dry take-no-bullshit delivery.

(Shallow negative: Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) has teeth that are disturbingly white.)

These days we're watching it and The Expanse, which between my difficulty hearing it and my moderate face-blindness I can barely follow; it's an incongruous pair of shows!
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A complaint I have been having is, I like physicality. I like (subject to caveats) embodiment—and frankly I suspect the cause of one of those caveats (body-wide owie) is insufficient exercise, which is to say, insufficient attention to my embodiment and physicality! I just. Time and cope, and weather outside my apartment (especially in summer and winter) and "Hurricane Alex has devastated the region" inside my apartment, and. Long story short, I spend most waking hours in one or another computer chair. As you might imagine, this is an undesirable situation.

For reasons I do not care to discuss outside lock, my cope has increased dramatically. (Shit I've literally procrastinated for a year and a half? Dealt with.) I wish therefore to try a practice of attention to physicality. And, hey. I cleaned my apartment! My living room and dining nook have a substantial open carpeted space now, so something like a YouTube video or channel that I could follow solo three mornings a week is an actual possibility!

Therefore: rec me exercise Youtubes?

I'm looking for something interesting enough to keep my attention over a span of time measured in weeks or greater, but basic enough that my (probable near-total) inexperience in the activity will not be a barrier. My priorities exercise-wise are, in order from the top, lung capacity, endurance, strength (full body), and flexibility.

I like to dance, but the only type I'm any good at is square dance; this is far too social an activity to work as my 3x/week solo morning exercise. I'm going to look for Irish dance exercise Youtubes later, though. I'm also going to try to get out to the city park to walk on the regular, but it isn't yet warm enough around here that I want to do that.


[News] Kabukibu character designs

Feb. 27th, 2017 07:57 pm
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 photo characlamp01.png

CLAMP's characters designs for the upcoming anime, Kabukibu, are now online at the anime website.
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Summary: Have 90 minutes, between now and April 3rd, to kindly critique less-English-fluent writers over the internet? I'd love your help.

I work with a lot of non-US-based younger people (often high school or college-aged) who contribute to the open source community over the Internet. Many of them volunteer as coders in the hopes of getting internships that will help them with their careers. The engineering education system in some of these countries, especially India, doesn't help students develop their written English skills very much; many of these students are at a disadvantage in these competitive internship application programs because their written English has poor grammar, phrasing, and punctuation. Every year I see tons of these engineering students applying for internships, and I can see how English issues in their bug reports, commit messages, code comments, application proposals, e-mails, and chat messages make it harder for them to get their ideas across.

Some kind, nonjudgmental help would go a long way for these volunteers. And it'd help level the playing field a bit.

I've successfully run little 90-minute online writing clinics via chat or collaborative document-editing platforms like Google Docs or EtherPad, where 3-4 participants bring short writing samples and I live-edit them and tell the students how to improve. They always get a lot out of it, and I can see the improvement in their writing afterwards. And when I've had time to edit their internship proposals in depth, it's helped them think better about what they actually aim to do.

Today, one of the open source projects I care a lot about, Zulip, got accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code for the second year in a row. I've been contracting as a community coordinator for Zulip for about a year, and I love that it's a project where we nurture new contributors inclusively and have high standards of engineering rigor. (I profiled the maintainer, Tim Abbott, in this post about kind negative code review.) We have dozens of new contributors in our chat who want to work with us, and we'll be getting more between now and the April 3rd application deadline. We won't be able to accept all of them. But they'll all come away from the application process as better engineers, and I'd like for that to include better English skills that'll help them persuade, lead, get better jobs, and have better chances of succeeding as entrepreneurs.

So if you could spare 90 minutes sometime between now and April 3rd, and if you have a knack for proofreading in English and have a tolerable internet connection for web browser-based textual chat, let me know and I can probably set something up that suits your schedule. It's fine if you've never done this before and it's fine if you're not a programmer and don't know programming jargon. I'll set up the "room", and I'll be there and you can backchannel with me. You'll be helping one of the best open source communities I know, and you'll be helping make sure non-G7 voices in STEM get heard and listened to.

Leave a comment below telling me how to contact you and anything you know about your upcoming schedule, and I'll take it from there!

Long day is long.

Feb. 27th, 2017 05:49 pm
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As the title says.  I worked a full day today, because one of my bosses is out of town and I found out last night that the other one would be calling in sick.  Thankfully, it was extremely quiet for a Monday and there were no crises.  I don't think I even have to qualify that with "no crises that couldn't wait until Tuesday".  At least I was able to pack a lunch.  However, I didn't sleep particularly well last night and I ended up having to brew extra coffee around lunchtime to hold on to my ability to string two words together.  Bottom line is that right now I feel exhausted and strung out, and I dare not have any more caffeine because I'm right on the edge of having a racing heartbeat as it is. 

And now my kitty is climbing on me.  Gee, it's almost like she missed me today.

So yes, I had grand plans of making an Indian curry dish tonight but there is no way.  Even if I had the energy, I do not have the actual time to let it cook in the crock pot like it would need to because I didn't get home until 5:30.  Oh well.  I guess it's spaghetti tonight, wretched failure of a homemaker that I am.  : P

(no subject)

Feb. 27th, 2017 04:49 pm
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The nice thing about having a relatively close-knit group of classmates in my MFA program is that I don't have to feel alone in things like angrily staring at an essay for four hours without doing any work on it, or having no idea how to complete an assignment correctly, or being continually consumed by fear or self-doubt.

I think I sound sarcastic, but really I'm not. I went all the way through undergrad feeling like the only confused and incompetent and flailing person. I mean, my grades said that I was doing okay, but I assumed that this was pity and grade inflation, and it's only in retrospect that I can see that my pretty good grades were pretty good grades that I actually earned. (This is partly because I spent my sophomore year in Japan and thus went straight from 100-level classes to 400-level classes, straight from Intro to Korean Culture to Let's Talk About Semiotics and Postmodern Theory in Japanese Cinema. Flailing resulted.)

But we are in fact all in this together; we are all trying hard at things that are actually hard; and you have to realize that you can't actually be held to a standard of impossible perfection when so many of your classmates are smart and talented in different ways but not a single one is impossibly perfect.

(The impossibly perfect ones got into Iowa Writers' Workshop.)

The actually cool thing about this, though, is that when you stop thinking of yourself as confused and incompetent and flailing, you start thinking of yourself as somebody who can help out all the other people who are flailing just as much as you are.

Dreamwidth: Quote #685

Feb. 27th, 2017 11:14 pm
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momijizukamori [12:15]  well, the end-results will be nice either way, but I'm trying to figure out how to make it easy to write on the backend

deborah [1:02 PM] momijizukamori: talk to me more about API issues. It's early; I can redesign.

rahaeli [1:02 PM] If it helps any, I trust that you and @deborah will come up with something great!

deborah [1:03 PM] If it's mediocre, we'll add cheese. That always improves things.
deborah [1:03]  Wait, that's food, not APIs.

From #general in Slack.

#685 -- #dreamwidth, 2017-02-27 - submitted by [info - DW]azurelunatic in Dreamwidth


Feb. 27th, 2017 05:43 pm
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The orbit of the sole planet orbiting Sol's closest neighbor cannot be precisely determined. It's just a Proxima mate.


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