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This is the dorkiest thing in the world to be excited about, but okay, whatever. So yesterday, I was on the train and wanted to get some cash en route to the farmers' market, and since it was wicked hot I didn't want to detour at all if I could avoid it. And then I remembered that my new credit union has an unexpectedly humongous ATM multi-network, so I whipped out the iPad, checked out their ATM locator, and found one that was, like, literally 50 ft. out of my way. Win! Except that the interface on said ATM locator was pretty clumsy, especially given that I had a freaking GPS radio with me and it couldn't talk to it. So I just went poking around in the app store tonight, and bam, there's the goods: network one and network two. Hurray!

Well, I warned you it was some weaksauce squee, dude. Geez. Anyway, in conclusion, fuck you Dracula ATM fees!
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I just remembered that I still have a (useless-to-me) retail copy of Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.0) sitting around. May as well get it out of here; anyone need an upgrade? Works on PPC and Intel Macs. Not installed on any extant computers (not that this matters with OS X). Comes with shiny-pants box, etc.

$50; email nick dot fagerlund on gmail or leave a (screened) comment.


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