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Night before last, I had these nasty moving-out dreams. All the details were wrong -- my house, the train station, and other locations had all been scavenged from other, earlier dreams, most of which I can't hardly remember. But the anxiety and loneliness and the frustrating hugeness of the task were real enough to get the job done.
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What is UP with the "OMG I forgot I registered for this class and it's finals week" nightmare? It's the only nightmare I have on any sort of reliable basis, so it clearly has some kind of resonance, but dang, I'm not in school right now, okay? STOP IT.

Tonight, though, I had the less-well-known but much more dynamic "someone destroyed my bicycle and I need to shop for a new one" nightmare. Wait, did I say "dynamic?" Just kidding.

Judging by our nightmares, then: My younger self feared, above all, magical threats, large wildlife, and physical danger. My older self fears, above all, tedium and lasting social consequences.

Also, I used to be susceptible to the "naked at school" nightmare, but not anymore. I mean, I still end up naked in some dreams, but it's just not a big deal, and no one laughs or anything. I credit this to Macalester.
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From dreamlog.txt:
I just had this dream about a tv show about six dinosaurs with Tourette's Syndrome

I don't seem to remember that.
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There are regular dreams, and then there are the ones where you have to hogtie caymans.* Oh no, wait, those ARE the regular dreams.

* Those things are rascals, I tell you what.
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James D. Macdonald says, on the topic of how to tell when you've reached the end of your story:

"The characters suddenly don't know what to do next. They wander around. One of them orders out for pizza."

My discovery this morning takes that same principle into a different arena: When you start dreaming that you're putting the groceries away, you might as well just get the hell up.
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GODDAMMIT! Stupid fucking Internet Exploder! I finally booted up in there to take a look at it, and everything looks like total and complete ass! IT CAN'T UNDERSTAND PNG TRANSPARENCY! My logo and all my imageframes are totally shot! It's the newest frickin' version! What is wrong with you monkeys up in Redmond! ARG!

I feel like I'm in Neuromancer: It's like someone just inserted a chip containing a veteran web-designer's hate for IE directly into my brain.

Anyway, there's nothing for it; the only fix is going to be hardcoding the background color directly into the png files and saving new versions of them. We'll call that priority ten.

EDIT: Oh man, I had the coolest dream last night! It's not interesting to talk about, but it was nice. I just wanted you all to know. There was a pretty girl? Okay, bye.


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