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The shorts boat has once again unloaded its glittering cargo. The unfathomable riches are piled in mounds on the shore. They beckon you. You walk forward, barely aware of what you are doing. This is definitely not going to end well.

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SHORTS BOAT, TOOT TOOT. Here’s the stuff I hit the heart button on. Man, wouldn’t it be nice to have a spade button alongside that heart button? In fact let’s just hijack every troll romance quadrant for these.*

* Do not read too awful much into the ♣ and ♦ because I’m kind of just horsing around there, but ♦ is something that brought me back down to earth a bit and ♣ is something that clarified a strong feeling I have towards something else.

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...because at least a couple of them are delicious! Bookpost two from a batch of three: non-book edition.

Notable Shorts I Read in Early 2012

So this is basically the list of stuff I hit “like” on in Instapaper, with a few one-shot comics tacked on. Like most one-bit labeling schemes, the “like” button is there to be overloaded, and “like” can mean many things in addition to or instead of “like.”

roadrunnertwice: A mermaid singing an unenchanting song. (Beaton - Doop doop)

Things I Read Since the Last Thing

Encompassing the remainder of 2011 and a little crescent moon of 2012. Cut for book notes. )


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