Jun. 9th, 2016

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Jun. 9th, 2016 10:13 am
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One of Kathleen’s housemates has an HTC Vive headset, so I got to try modern VR for the first time this weekend. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

Well, actually I'm not sure if that counts as the first time, because Stan at work had one of those slot-your-phone-in Samsung headsets one day, and he showed us this little solar-system tour app. But that was a much more limited experience — a little bit laggy, lower resolution, fewer (and more awkward) tools for interacting. It felt like a really advanced educational slideshow. This was an entirely different thing: two controllers, full-body interaction (ducking, walking around within your li'l fence, picking things up and throwing them), and REALLY fast and smooth. It felt floaty, a little, but it also felt real.

This is a thing where we've had a really clear fictional picture of what it would be like for decades, and now it looks like the technology is finally here. This was pretty much exactly like one of the shitty "budget" VR sets from a novel like Snow Crash. That's amazing; I was amazed.


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