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Whoa hey, looks like Apple just released a new EVERYTHING. I'm kind of just waiting on all of it, though, which mostly comes down to making sure I don't miss a crypto window on upgrading my hacked iPhone -- that shit gets silly fast, by the way, remind me to tell you about it someday -- and trying to decide on a spreadsheet to replace the direly ag├Ęd copy of Excel that came with my old iBook.

Spreadsheet dorks: Numbers or the new Excel? I actually quite liked Excel '07 for Windows, and thought Numbers '09 felt kind of flimsy by comparison, but I'm still on the fence a bit, because it's $150 vs. a combined $30 for both Mac and iOS. Plus, I don't reeeeeally need that awesome bolt-on regex substitution function anymore, since it was mostly a workaround for being stranded on computers without proper text editors or language runtimes.
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