roadrunnertwice: Yehuda biking in the rain. (Bike - Rain (Yehuda Moon))
Nick Eff ([personal profile] roadrunnertwice) wrote2016-12-30 10:43 am

Turning out the lights at the other place

This is the last of my posts that'll be cross-posted to LiveJournal. (Damn, remember LJ? Anyway.)

TBH I've been forgetting that my stuff even goes there in the first place. But a post about their recent full server move to Russia reminded me, and I think it's about time to finish up. I think Ryan is the only person who sees my posts over there anymore, and we're Twitter buds anyway.

(I don't think the Russian move has a direct political effect on me, but I support the people who will be directly harmed by it, and there's probably a lot of them.)