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Nick Eff ([personal profile] roadrunnertwice) wrote2017-01-05 05:38 pm


I was looking through this year's Garbage Book, and I ran into this! It's a post I meant to post but never got around to, for whatever reason. From before all the Everything, when the year was actually going pretty great.

IDK if I'll do a Good Things from 2016 post, so this might end up standing in for it. (And besides, my real new year happens in March anyway.)

Another thing that's up: Ruth's giving me swim lessons! Okay, yes: I can sort of swim. I managed to flounder my way to Eagle Scout, so I must have passed a few swimming exams in there somewhere. But I am Real Shit at it, and it's been a low-key embarrassment for decades.

For a while there in my 20s, I decided to just accept it. I was a natural sinker, and that's just how it was. But more recently, I've been thinking: maybe fuck that? Because last time I tried learning to swim, I was weak, uncoordinated, and just generally not at home in my own body. And now I'm Quite Strong, much more coordinated (partially ambidextrous, even), and better at learning to boot. (My brain might not be as plastic, but I'm much better at driving it.) Maybe, just maybe, I can actually get good at it this time.

It's going pretty well so far. :)

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[personal profile] bzedan 2017-01-06 07:03 am (UTC)(link)
I am very excited for your swimming! We hit the hotel pool over NYE and I had the disconnect I always do when I remember I grew up around pools and oceans and lakes and Chase grew up around deserts. He can swim! But it's not like jogging (something you do without thinking that is harder than walking).