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Nick Eff ([personal profile] roadrunnertwice) wrote2017-04-05 12:17 pm
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WOW, how about that new LJ TOS?? I noticed they'd disabled HTTPS last week (BTW, shoutout to that new Firefox feature where they pop up a warning when you're about to send a password over cleartext, that thing is great), and was like "Guess that's the end" and deleted my bookmarks. But this spurred me to actually get in there and delete my account for good. (Although I expect they probably changed their policy around deletion a long time ago and are retaining copies of my data indefinitely.)

  • [personal profile] rydra_wong had a helpful Tumblr link explaining what the new TOS means.
  • Others, including [personal profile] aris_tgd, pointed out that you CAN log in and delete without signing the new TOS, but you have to disable JavaScript.
    • In Firefox, it turns out the developer tools let you do that on a per-tab basis, so I didn't have to muck around in about:config or screw up the rest of my session or anything. Tools -> Web developer -> Toggle tools, then click the gear icon in the tools pane and look for a checkbox somewhere on the right-hand side.

Update: I've heard a rumor that they've closed the no-JS loophole, and there's currently no way to delete without signing the TOS. Haven't checked that for myself.

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[personal profile] bzedan 2017-04-10 01:48 am (UTC)(link)
I was able to delete without signing the TOS by turning of JS just now, thank you for outlining how to do it!