Sep. 29th, 2011 08:30 pm
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Yeah, so there are definitely still eggs by the mail slot.

I'm not sure where to go from here. Release them into the wild, I guess.
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On my way out the door for a late-night gym run, I noticed someone had left a dozen-and-a-half eggs on the stoop. Eggs. Yeah, still in the carton.

Once I got back from the gym, I thought for a second about knocking on the other three apartments and giving the egg-leaver a heads-up. But by that time, that would have made me the guy knocking on your door at 11:00 and babbling about eggs, which, no.

So instead I just brought them inside and left them on the mail pile, which I guess makes me the guy who puts cartons of eggs on the mail pile.
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My apartment building, sans front steps

You know, I feel like there were some stairs here this morning.

Dumpster full of concrete

Whoop, never mind, I found 'em!

Quite the sight to come home from work to. Landlady did warn us, but I'd sort of forgotten it was happening this week.
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You guys, I rearranged the furniture in my room and it is MILES more awesome. Still have a pile of stuff to put away, and I still need a non-bedstand and some frames and things, and I'm still sleeping on a ziggurat, but!

* The desk has a window view! No more sticking my head in the dark corner to use the computer!
* The door opens onto an open space instead of a corridor between bed and bookcase.
* The head of my bed isn't next to the window that faces out onto Schuyler. (Something about being fairly close to the Subway and Goodwill and Quiznos has translated to me being woken up by some of the most insipid and frustrating conversations ever heard, and I am looking forward to having that extra 12 feet of space between me and them.)
* There's a better place for my alarm clock now, too.

All that, plus the radio just played Brahms's b minor Clarinet Quintet. Mission accomplished! Good night!
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Things are happening and stuff! Constantly! Zzzzoooommm.

So yeah, dump post. )

And that is what's up.


Dec. 9th, 2008 07:53 pm
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Wooo, check me out, I'm in Portland!

Robert helped me move, for which I am hugely grateful. He came to my parents' house, we loaded everything in the back of his truck (sidenote: I'm pretty proud of moving with only the contents of a single Nissan mini-pickup, though it was actually pretty easy compared to protecting everything from the baggage-handlers), I saddled up on my motor-horse, and we headed on south. (The other story here is that I got my Bike to Portland in the Cold and Dark merit badge. It left me with a surprisingly sore forearm on my throttle side.)

I'm living in the Woodstock neighborhood. My roommate is pretty cool. I'm currently jobless. I'll be back in the South Sound area for the around-Christmas timeframe. I've got a lot of stuff to do, and plenty of time to do it. I have a good feeling about this.
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I just got my entire security deposit back! Plus an inexplicable bonus of $6.40, which I shall spend on sandwiches, or maybe a half-rack of Olympia. Don't worry, folks, my landlord's buying! This is my first time through this whole all-by-your-lonesome apartment song-and-dance, so I don't know how common it is to nickel-and-dime the renter on the deposit, but they didn't do anything to tarnish my grudging good opinion of them. Way to be!

Fare thee well, Copenhagen Enterprises: you were a pretty okay landlord. Landlady. Landentity. Whatever.
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Haha, I'd forgotten one of my favorite parts of having my desk by the windows: I can watch the insane squirrels in that tree outside. Rock!
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It's nice to be able to splurge on little tiny things. Like chairs that don't completely suck ass.

I'd been looking at the chairs at Office Depot the other day when I was buying pens, and they all cost like 90 bucks plus. This one is decidedly unfancy, but it was on clearance at Target for like $16 today.

Anyway, this one actually feels really good. The pad hits me right at the lumbar, and the range of heights is good and proper. So I reconfigured my cinderblock-and-particleboard desk,* and now life is more awesome.

* I still can't use the really cool-looking wooden desk that I got for free. The plain fact is that it was made for someone with a much longer torso than me, and trying to type on a laptop on it makes my hands go numb. Which is bad.


Apr. 5th, 2006 12:18 am
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Doing Mom proud )

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Boring, right? )So basically I won.
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In case Mom was still wondering what the hell was up with my connection.

Also, if you know your wireless networking shit, please help? )

My new pad

Mar. 25th, 2006 03:29 pm
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Does this count as doing something with my day? Because I don't think I'm planning to do anything else with my day.

Apartment pictures )
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...It's like drinking a campfire. I bet money this stuff is carcinogenic.

Ever since moving into my apartment (read: Thursday), I've slept better and woken up easier than I have in months. I get eight hours of sleep, usually waking once in the middle (around four or five in the AM, in the "steely-grey light of dawn"), and jump out of bed feeling like a fucking champ at eight or nine in the morning.

I fully credit this to the windows in Chez Nicholas and the fact that I leave them open all the time; getting the full force of the rising sun is letting my body go through the hardcoded Plains Ape Wakeup Procedure, which I haven't done for a WHILE. None of the artificial overrides are anywhere near as good, and I'm really relishing the chance to use the real deal.

Anyway, this is making me wonder if my sometimes difficulty in waking up is somewhere on the SAD spectrum, and if so whether a lightbox might be helpful in the mornings after I move out of this place.
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And I think we have a winner, AKA an ideal spot for the Interweb Stealinator such that "my" access doesn't constantly cut out. Now I just need some cord guides to keep it out of the way of the dishes rack. (And maybe a mini surge protector, just because funny things happen sometimes. And by "funny" I mean "expensive.")

Also: first load of laundry I've done since the fifth of March = hurray.

Heyo, meme. )


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