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I have been REALLY digging the new Nick Zammuto album, Anchor. (Clip here, and you can find the rest of the tracks with notes on his blog.) I bounced off his first one, the self-titled record — it seemed kind of indulgent and dorky, and after streaming it three or four times I just couldn't get into it. My hope was that it was just him offgassing now that he didn't have de Jong to push against, and once he got some of the pent-up absurdism out of his system he'd find a new resistant force to orient himself by and put out something interesting. Well: yes. This is really good.

And it is definitely not The Books. But a lot of it explores some familiar emotional ground, dark and weird. The Books would go to those places sometimes, but they'd often pull back and get some ironic distance, to keep it from becoming The Thing The Whole Album Is About.

And then there's that track that sounds eerily like Devo.

The other record that's been surprising/delighting me is Kilo Kish's Across EP. (Here's a clip.) She put out a mixtape called K+ a year or two back, and I thought it was really provocative — bits I was SUPER INTO mixed with bits that were like WHAT. Lots of both sonic and emotional dissonance. So anyway, I recently rediscovered how much I like "Better" and "Creepwave," and I looked around to see what else she'd done. This one came out earlier this year, and it sounds quite different and very good. Moody and lush.

Oh, ALSO it's been awesome concert city for the last month or so. The Kills, Sondre Lerche, Sza, The New Pornographers, Of Montreal, Zoe Keating, La Roux, and then later I've got tickets for Shovels and Rope, and Slowdive + Low. (Did I ever tell you about the time I ended up at a Low show by accident? Seeing them again will be neat.)

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So at the Mountain Goats show tonight, John Darnielle told an anecdote about debuting a Portland song at a prior concert, then uncharacteristically coming back to it years later and finding a bridge that really brought the thing together (I'm skipping the hilarious part, because it totally relied on his comic timing vis-a-vis the right moment to let a stretched-to-the-breaking-point ribald metaphor collapse in on itself).

When he started playing said song, I realized that I had actually been there for the first part of that story. LOL SUPERFAN.

(The show was excellent. And yes, the song worked much better with the new bridge.)
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  • I went with my parents and brother to see Ian Anderson last night! And it was amazing. I can't really name Jethro Tull as my favorite band or anything, but they've kind of always been there as a constant presence in my life, and it was truly wonderful to finally see someone I... well, basically grew up with.
  • I went alone to go see The Mountain Goats on Wednesday night (again, I'm trying to get back into my old live music groove). Totally bitchin' show, and my first time to the Wonder Ballroom. (Which is in walking distance of my apartment, as it turns out!) I also ended up running into Steve and Sara after the show, which was lovely.
  • Work is work. It's taking up a lot of my energy, and I've been thinking various thoughts about how to wall it off a little better.
  • I upgraded my OS, finally. (After hearing a couple of horror stories, I decided to wait until 10.6.2 dropped before braving it. Worked like a charm.) My favorite Snow Leopard feature so far:

    keyboard layout switcher panel

    'Nuff said. It's basically the same damn thing, but I do like what they did with Exposé and a couple other things.

  • When I'm not working or sleeping or eating or writing or learning Cocoa or reading the internet, I've been playing Final Fantasy XII. Yes, I am behind the times. I'm not very far in it, but I'm liking it a LOT. Also, I realize the battle system was meant as a way to integrate developments from the Massively Multiplayer side of the RPG family tree into the divergent JRPG branch, but honestly, what the experience of it reminds me most of is Secret of Mana. And hurray for that.
  • You guys are reading Homestuck, right? You had better be reading Homestuck.
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I'm always down for going to a concert alone, but I nearly never go to the movies alone. How 'bout you all?


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