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What! I didn't know that those Muppet videos people've been linking were NEW! That is amazing.
(Clue-in via the West.)
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Steven Cloud, of BOASAS fame, points us Twitter users to a delightful music video. (Warnings: shag carpeting, nekkid folk.)

EDIT: Also, via [ profile] matociquala: Dennis Kucinich reading articles of impeachment on the floor of the House.

His presidential bids have always been doomed from the start (alas, the country is still not ready for its first Goblin-American president), and this gesture is windmill-tilting at best, but man, I've always liked Kucinich. Thanks, dude, for getting up there and saying it.

Also, via [ profile] benchilada: Flame on! And, uh, keep flaming.
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[ profile] rachelmanija (remember her?) has been on a mad tear of unspeakably horrifying theatre stories for the last day or two. Read 'em and weep!
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New YouTube obsession! There is a lass named tunfiskur, and she is here to share Icelandic Disney.

via: MeFi.
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...I thought about our cat who is the whole day out, returning sometimes hungry sometimes not, sometimes with traces of fights, sometimes he stay also the night out.
Or, alternately:
What the hell is the cat doing !?
Well, now we know. (via BoingBoing.) Do check the photos out; they're contemplative, mysterious, and cool.

(Especially the ones with other cats. It's like this entire secret world full of stories that no one tells us. All of them very stoic and manly, I'm sure; cats are Hemmingway, whenever they're not, like, Philip K. Dick or Hunter S. Thompson or something.)

(This link-post dedicated to anyone dealing with shit that makes them want to tromp off into the weeds and stay the night out.)

EDIT: Alternate punchline.
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This site -- a: is hilarious, and b: actually got me to add her book to my "read-this" queue. Anyone who thinks like that has the appropriate mindset for short story-making. (via Daring Fireball.)

So I'm one for two on concerts this week -- Neko Case tonight was sold the hell out, but I definitely got to go see OK Go and Snow Patrol for free last night, thanks to Tara. We missed the Silversun Pickups on account of me having The Closing Shift That Wouldn't Die, but caught most of OK Go's set. On the one hand, that blew, because I've wanted to see the Silversun Pickups for more than a year now, but on the other hand, I've wanted to see OK Go live for about six years. (Compared to that, who cares about the Silversun Pickups?) Also, I knew fuck all about Snow Patrol, but it turns out their live set is amazing.
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Um, WOW. It's like Wondermark on really bad acid. (via Neil Gaiman.)
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This story had been clogging a tab in my newsreader for a few weeks now, courtesy of the Sidelights bar at Making Light, so I finally decided to clear the space and read through it. WOW. Duder and his friend felt like taking a road trip, so they decided to skip all that touristy shit and go directly to the bowels of HELL. I am seriously at a loss for words. Be sure to click through to the Flickr set.

The Jesus mountain and Slab City were both locations from Hal Duncan's Vellum, incidentally. I think he toned them down a bit.
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Via John Rogers comes pretty much the best piece of Star Wars critical interpretation ever. Badly-thought-out fanservice cameos in the third movie accidentally make A New Hope ten times better?! WTF!
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So Lauren's thing linked to this checklist for how to leave an abusive relationship. And I read it and was like, "whoa."

May it never be situationally appropriate, but... read it anyway.

Back to your regular piffle: they turned on cairo-cocoa by default, woo.

EDIT: Ahh, that burning-dust smell of opening the radiator valve for the first time in months.
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First, buy a heavy pair of rubber boots and a weed whacker. (--via: BoingBoing. It's worth scrolling down and clicking through to the video of the next step, which involves acetone, HCl, and a microwave oven, and results in recognizably snortable coke.)

I'm impressed by their ingenuity and their ballsy attitude toward hazmats and psychotic guerrillas. But damn, that looks like a pretty mean life. Don't snort flake, kids.
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*ded* (via the Making Light sidebars.)

And I finished The Ships of Air, huzzah. Too bad my hold on the last book is still in transit!
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I am Jack's bunny parody.
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Today's Cat and Girl brought me great joy, so I thought I'd share.

Also AWESOME: Read the customer reviews for this book. (Then you can go back to the original Schneier post. Unless you're on vacation from context.)

EDIT: Tim Bray makes an interesting point: there are incentives in place encouraging automakers to sell miscalibrated speedometers that report higher-than-actual speeds. Whether they respond to these incentives is an open question; he's just noting that they exist.

EDIT: Do you get mysterious evaporating Russian mystery robot pornmonger friends sometimes? It's a script. Irritating.

EDIT: Everything I see seems to indicate that Vista will be both the best OS Microsoft has produced and the absolute worst.
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HALO REKKATURVAT! (Hat tip Table of Malcontents.)
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Okay, NOW Jonny Crossbones is back on the road. Looks like McClaine's site got sent to DNS hell for a while. Anyway, like I said that one time when I totally faked you out about it, you should go read it, because it's got style.

EDIT via BoingBoing: Wh-- Okay, rocket jump parkour. (You already know whether you want to click that or not.)
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Brilliant. (via.)

EDIT: Oh look, proof positive of Dark Matter, also via BoingBoing. I expect I'll summarize it wrong, but the idea is that they found a situation where the bulk of the visible matter in two galactic clusters basically hit a brick wall and stopped, while the real center of mass, composed of dark matter, kept on moving. The result is that the two were neatly separated out, giving them a chance to measure dark matter in relative isolation.
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Everyone's un-tired of XiaoXiao by now, right? Good. (via BoingBoing.)

EDIT: Vampire Domestication: Taming Yesterday's Nightmares for a Better Tomorrow (Powerpoint presentation presented as Flash movie). (via a Meme Therapy interview.)


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