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A leading Republican predicted Sunday that President Obama’s appointment of 15 officials while sidestepping Senate confirmation would make it more difficult to get bipartisan support for future legislation.

Was that supposed to be a fucking joke? What, the Party Of No thinks it's got more in the bag than the ongoing permanent filibuster? Sorry, guys, but I just don't see how you can actually go any further than total scorched-earth obstructionism.

Maybe he just means they'll wink and nudge the teabaggers into expanding their recent Kristallnacht shenanigans.
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There is something extremely wrong with this country. The Religious Right is very very sick. I do not know the cure.

(Brett Marty photo via

In the news today: Operation Dalles is a go!

Also, via [ profile] ursulav: Birdshit smell or not, I would have LOVED to be in that cargo plane.
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PS: Debate, Biden, Palin, etc. You know the drill.
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YES, thank you Senator. That is pretty much exactly what I was hoping you'd say.
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This shit going down in my beloved Twin Cities is fucking madness. And I fucking KNEW this would happen! The Republican Party is like a dog that shits authoritarianism on the couch every time you let it inside.
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So. Remember the recent Supreme Court decision that Habeas Corpus still applies to humans imprisoned in the Gulag? One guess what McCain thinks of it. (via Digby.)
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Go read this. Seriously. Historical documents with which to blow your mind. (h/t Digby.)

(Then compare and contrast to certain corners of the modern discourse. (Have I mentioned how nice it is to see Jesse back again? Hell yes.))
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I love it.

EDIT: But it's auto-loading its data on pageload, so I'm moving it behind a cut. )

(via Pandagon.)
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I hear a mighty buzzing noise, and it sounds like... freedom.

EDIT: Also, via Daring Fireball: The most aggressive cinderblock ad EVER.

EDIT: I've changed my mind. This is definitely a low-mid grade flu rather than a cold. At least I'm getting over it fairly easy this year? I still feel crappy, but I'm not totally miserable.

EDIT: Ft. Lewis is doing nighttime shelling exercises tonight. It's kind of like a thunderstorm, except more irritating.
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So I caucused for Obama today. Maybe you did too! Yay Obama. My precinct's caucusers went 14 for Clinton, 12 for Obama. Yay Hillary.

I remain pretty okay with both candidates. Wonder how it's gonna turn out?
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Hey, I've got one or two people in Michigan in this here flist, right? You guys wanna have some fun at the primaries?

(I totally endorse this, by the way. For the obvious tactical reasons, but also because the Republican primaries have been barrels of laffs.)

There but.

Oct. 9th, 2007 10:46 pm
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I don't talk about politics as much as I should. I stay more or less informed, I read blogs, and I'm more or less constantly angry about what's going on around here, but I don't spend enough time interacting with my acquaintances about it all. Not here on the LJ, and certainly not in person. It's uncomfortable; I'm really not a debate-team sort of person. I can fake it well enough, I suppose, but it takes effort.

I'm going to talk about politics right now.

So this is what I've been seeing in the feed reader, today. President Bush wants to make cuts in a program that provides health insurance to kids whose parents cannot afford it. The Democrats want to keep the program healthy and expand it, because it's a wild success in protecting kids who would otherwise be thrown to the wolves by a merciless and broken healthcare system. So the Democrats put together a radio address by a 12-year-old kid whose family was saved from destitution and ruin by the program in question.

You've connected the dots here, right? Now the family is getting harassing phone calls and workplace visits from right-wing bloggers, Rush Limbaugh is accusing them of being wealthy government sponges, and, oh, aides to Republican Senators are sending emails to reporters making the same made-up accusations.

They got in a car wreck. They make a combined $45,000 a year. Private insurance would cost more than their mortgage. But you know what, the actual numbers are almost beside the point here, because they would have gone after anyone the exact same way -- show me a family of six living in a cardboard box, and I'll show you a right-winger sneering about their prodigal extravagance. No -- what the Republicans Against Crippled 12-Year-Olds caucus wants to get across to you is a particular mode of thought. They want your support in withholding help from anyone who doesn't "deserve" it (spoiler: you can never actually deserve their help). They want you to not think about the precise medical bill that would send your family to the poorhouse. They want you to believe that what's yours is yours, and that you absolutely got it simply by being virtuous and hardworking, not by having the luck to stay healthy, the luck to have parents who could send you to college or protect you from working three jobs at age 16, the luck to be smart, the luck to be white and of an acceptable sexual orientation. They want selfishness, and nearsightedness, and callousness, and miserliness, forever and ever amen.

Here's Digby, because it's a bit that deserves a verbatim blockquote:

And then the sanctimonious right wing vultures will determine whether they "deserve" to eat at Applebees once a month with their four kids or whether they are "cheating" the benevolent tax payers by having a television set or a cell phone since their catastrophically injured kids need help from the government. They will say that Mom and Dad should work two jobs or maybe they shouldn't have had kids in the first place or started their own business. There will be no sense of "there but for the grace of God go I" or no recognition that sometimes life throws you a curve ball and that you need the help of others to get you through.

That was the easy kind of talking about politics. Here comes the kind that I'm not so good at.

Debates over government entitlement programs, especially middle-class ones and especially the ones that move us toward socialized healthcare, tend to bring out a class of very civilized and reasoned libertarian arguments, all based around the very simple principle that what's mine is mine and should not be taken from me and given to others. It's persuasive and seductive, and it kind of breaks my heart whenever I see an obviously good-hearted person deploy it, because those arguments are the thin and inoffensive leading-edge of the wedge whose fat end we saw in action today.

It's that last sentence of Digby's that crystalizes why I resent Libertarianism. What's yours is yours because you got lucky, and believing otherwise is self-flattery. Determination and hard work and skill are real and important; they also do not mean jack shit if you get hit by something you don't have the resources to handle. The social safety net matters, goddammit.

What the Republican hard right are doing to that kid and his family is disgusting on a nice visceral level, and it's easy to recognize that it's wrong. It would be a lot easier to make it fucking stop if more people recognized that there but for the grace of God go all of us.
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I thought this was a pretty fantastic read, especially for anyone still working to get a handle on just what exactly is going on with Iran.

(Only tangentially related: You guys have all seen the video clips from the Persepolis movie, right?)
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Wow, Jerry Falwell died! Crazy!

(...I'd kind of figured he'd be plaguing American politics 'till I was 40. Not that his exit actually solves any problems or anything, but I can't help feeling like something's slightly different.)
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Man, you know what would have been really cool? If Saddam Hussein had gotten a trial in which due process was followed and a full account of his crimes was made, both during the period in which the Reagan administration was buddy-buddy with him and afterwards. I think that would have been just peachy-keen! A real-live war-crimes trial, golly! Too bad about it being a cop-out trial on a relatively minor incidence of his heinousness in order to save American face. Also too bad about those death-threats to the defense attorneys (and hey, didn't a few of them actually get killed?). Also too bad about that due process--I believe I heard that political (as opposed to, ah, judicial) authorities denied his appeal before the judge handed down the sentence.

Man, are we the best ever at spreading democracy, or what? That worked out great. Rule of law, woo!

(And I join with J-Ro in pointing out that this is not fucking professional wrestling.)
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I haven't really said anything about the death of that asshole Pinochet yet, but let me direct you to this lovely little memorial, which I reckon pretty much covers it. Death to authoritarianism; death to fascism; and lonely, uncomfortable deaths to the power-mad and the greed-sick.

And just so we never forget whose bread has always been buttered where, let's take a moment to observe Margaret Thatcher's great sadness. (h/t Making Light.)


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