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Right, so I finally took care of business on a bunch of prints and sketches I had hanging around. Actually what happened was that I'd stowed them in Nóirín's room when I was doing the SAWDUST EVERYWHERE thing and happily ignored them for like three more months, and then she asked me to get them outta there, I put them in my room, and THEN they were suddenly an emergency. (My laziness and self-absorption as the proverbial immovable object and irresistible force, with the force winning this round.)

Photos of prints, framing/hanging tips )

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Backdating to avoid boring my friends. Remember how was awesome but got abandoned and now pretty much every iteration of the developer's domain is being squatted upon? Yeah, that was irritating. Well, when inevitably stops working, go get I Love Stars, a freeware app from the Potion Factory. Works mostly the same as the old I think I like Star better? But this'll certainly do.
roadrunnertwice: Yrs truly surrounded by trees. (Default) is dead; long live Too bad "Star" is an incredibly hard string to search for. Also too bad the URL everything seems to think it lives at got taken over by squatters. Also too bad that the real root of the developer's site has absolutely no link trail to the Star section. Anyway, it's a good app! Wonder how long for the world this one is.

You can ignore this; I just needed to jot it down where I'll know where to find it later.
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Okay, so: Apple's PowerPC notebooks -- and the 2006 through late 2007 models of their Intel ones -- have this fucking ridiculous "enter" key right beside the arrow keys. So far, I have found exactly one use case for it: if you press it while a track is highlighted in iTunes, you can rename the track without having to wait half a second between clicks. Honestly, that is all that the damn thing does -- the rest of the time, it's just a gratuitous extra return key. I think it's supposed to be there as a complement to the hidden embedded 10-key numerical pad that no one uses.

As of the late-late 2007/early 2008 MacBook models, Apple has acknowledged that the enter key is stupid and that it should obviously be an option key. (Presumably a consequence of recognizing that no one used that numeric keypad, either.) In the meantime, a whole pile of solutions for reassigning that key have sprung up.

Anyway, since getting my first iBook I've gone through three of said solutions, and I'm on my fourth one today. If you, too, have been left hanging on account of fkeys not being updated for 10.5 yet and DoubleCommand malfunctioning horribly after the recent MacBook keyboard update, this PSA is for you: Go download KeyRemap4MacBook and follow the instructions. It's no DoubleCommand, but it totally works.

PS, Leopard is mostly sweet. I'm still shaking out wrinkles and system updates, but I like it.
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My MacBook is on the fritz! I can still do stuff with it, but something is very wrong. Specifically, this. (See also here.) It was very off and on for a while, but now it seems to be pretty much continuous. So, yeah, shitty. I am in touch with the Applecare dudes and dudettes, and they will hopefully make it all better without taking my computer away for too long.

Other news is that the siblings are here, and Chris brought his ladyfriend. The family is caught up in the holiday rush. Etc, whatever, you know.

I'm just gonna stay quiet for a while; I rarely have anything useful to say during yuletide.
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  1. (Attn: veggies) Miso soup is approximately equivalent to chicken soup, in the arena of convalescence. I've noticed that I've started craving it whenever my health is preparing to take a downhill skid.
  2. (Attn: Mac notebook users who hate the superfluous "enter" key) fKeys, while rather difficult to install and activate and much harder to configure, is better than DoubleCommand. Story shortened, DoubleCommand kept wandering off into la-la land whenever I logged out and back in; it claimed that my settings were still active, but they weren't, and the only way to bring them back was to do a full reboot. fKeys, for all its current usability faults, doesn't do that.

    (Though, uh, if you use a Macbook, you'll have to get the beta version and do some plist hacking. Actually, just skip the plist hacking and grab the finished versions; follow the regular instructions for getting things working, but substitute those files instead.)
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I realized night before last that I was indeed wrasslin' with yet another Aggressive Replicator. Not a very strong one, so I was only feeling a little bit under the weather, but I decided to do the job right last night: crashed at 11, woke up at 10:30. I think I won; certainly feeling better now.

But it brought home the fact that I need to get down to business on creating a Sick Box: Sort of a jump kit for whenever I start feeling like ass. And I could use some suggestions for components. Right now, I'm thinking:

  • nettles
  • Throat Coat tea
  • echinacea - I'm thinking tinctures, this time around, for quick absorption.
  • instant miso soup packets—hopefully I've got the stuff for the real deal when I go down, but if not, better to have an imperfect-but-decent electrolyte source.
  • lemon-ginger teabags—again, usually I have the real stuff, but.
  • zinc lozenges
  • some ibuprofen, my anti-inflammitory of choice.
  • some psuedoephedrine—I prefer not to use it, but if something really gnarly comes through, I still want to be able to breathe.
  • an expectorant, except I don't know much about these. I'm leaning towards osha root syrup, since that worked before, but does anyone know anything better?
  • Chris, what was that stuff you told us about? The chinese concoction with forsythia in it, that you're supposed to hit early and hard?
  • maybe a bottle of Gatorade for rehydration, if I find myself down with something really bad.
  • a bottle or two of Reed's.
  • my B Complex vitamins, though those are usually out on the counter anyhow.

So guys, what am I forgetting?


  • Jica adds: Saline nasal spray.
  • Jica adds: mint tea for stomach complaints.
  • Jica adds: Valerian for if you can't sleep. (Not so much a problem for me, but good general advice.)
  • Jica adds: Vitamin C, and lots of it.

EDIT: Looking through my bookmarks, I found a kit somebody made for Pandemic Influenza, (linked from Making Light, where Jim MacDonald had some choice additions of his own) which, while more hardcore than what I'm working on right now, has any number of decent additions to a general sickpack:

  • cough suppressant (how did I forget THIS?)
  • Benadryl
  • some extra boxes of tissues
  • some extra rolls of toilet paper (Damned if I'm going to get up out of my fever-stupor to go to fucking Target.)
  • barf bucket

Though of course you should read the whole thing.


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