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On his Twitter, producer Frank Marshall continues to deny the production has discriminated by giving opportunities for actors of color to white performers. After a series of twitters back and forth between angry fans and himself, Marshall made his final comment on the subject last week saying, "The casting is complete and we did not discriminate against anyone," defensively adding, "I am done talking about it."

Yyyyyyeah, see, that's not how it works. If you do something racist and then declare it to not be racist, it's, uh, actually still racist. Sorry 'bout that.

(A brief moment of disclosure: I haven't even watched Avatar yet; been meaning to get to it, haven't gotten to it. And I would have been ignoring the movie version, because theatrical live-action adaptations of original animated works almost uniformly wind up as fetid piles of donkey shit. Alas, Paramount is making this particular pile rather impossible to ignore.)

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Inexplicably, I am now the owner of the complete Friends. It fell off the back of the truck.

No, I mean, literally.

So I'm biking home from work along Rainier Road, and since I've just rolled past a bunch of inscrutable smashed clear plastic that I'm still not quite sure what the hell it was, I'm on the lookout for anything else mucking up the shoulder. Like brightly-colored tagboard boxes. With familiar logos on them. brrrrrrrake.

Yes, it was the above-linked limited version of the complete set. Yes, the discs were fine; one of them had managed to hop out of all its packaging and was laying shiny side up on the road, but it looked fine. No, the fancy-pants box was not salvageable, having been smashed all to hell. Yes, I went ahead and backpacked all approximately $200 worth of DVDs.

No, I don't even particularly like Friends. But I figure my dad and co-workers will enjoy it! And I can totally sell it off sometime in the future when I'm desperate for cash.
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Okay, so that was the end of Wonderfalls! Great stuff. I mean, those last few episodes probably should have been stretched out a whole bunch, because a lot of that felt pretty rushy. But hey, when the going gets cancelled, the cancelled get going.
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"You ain't ever gonna get your car outta this metaphor in time!"

I was feeling lonely and irritated, so I rented the rest of Wonderfalls. It's helping immensely!

But I noticed in the day-player credits after this ep that there were a few women listed as, for example, "Attractive Customer," and "Attractive Woman." And so I ask the people assembled: What the fuck? I mean, sure, the affirmation might be nice, but then again, the credits themselves SAY that you're... just another pretty face. And a day-player.
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Hey [ profile] vaulted_eel: You were totally right, Ouran High School Host Club is frickin' awesome. (Just finished the first ep, have #3 in the queue, and am fighting a particularly recalcitrant torrent for #2.)

I don't have much else to say about it... but I really like Haruhi as a protagonist. Aside from my long-standing just-in-general appreciation for boy-dressin' girls, I really like that she's... sensible. She just seems to react the way a real person would when absurd shōjo manga shit starts happening.


Jul. 9th, 2006 07:23 pm
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First episode of Wonderfalls? Not fuckin' bad. (I've decided to take more advantage of that bitchin' video shop down the way.)

ALSO, what the fuck was that headbutt all about, Zidane? Bloody hell!
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Oh, god.... I'm listening to this song, see, and I've got to say, that is EXACTLY MY QUESTION. WHYYYYYYYY?

When you don't grow up in the 60's or 70's, and you hear all these things about Yoko, eventually you just have to figure that it's mostly exaggerated. I guess everything I know is a lie!

Another confidential to Katie and Chris: I'm thinking of detaching that Garfield toothbrush holder from the bathroom mirror. What do you think: childhood kitch that ought to be preserved, or so totally devoid of taste that it doesn't trip the childhood history exemption?

ALSO: Couldn't wait, just watched Resurrection Ship pt. 1. Can I get a big fat ARRRRRRRGH from the people assembled? I mean, holy balls, people.
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This is a broadcast message to my siblings. The verdict is in—you are definitively better off having not watched those last 3 eps of Battlestar before you left. Jeebus.

Actually, I guess it's not quite as bad as season one. But still.

I'm bittorrenting the next two episodes as we speak, and the one after that has just finished taping. (VCR? OMG? WTF?)

ALSO! Y'all know I'm not one to cry at tv, but damned if my eyes didn't mist up when they showed the name of the new viper. <3 <3 <3
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Mmm, Battlestar Galactica. When it comes to TV and movies, I tend more to sip* than to guzzle, but damned if the back half of that Season 1 box didn't go really really fast. What was that, like five episodes last night?

Anyway, it's really really good.

EDIT: ALSO! Who else was totally surprised to find that the guy who plays Apollo is British? WTF? Way to be hard-core enough to nail a completely alien** accent spot-on, guy.

EDIT: "When the Devil came, he was not red / He was chrome, and he said: / 'Come with me / 'Come with me.'" ~Wilco, "Hell Is Chrome"

* If that, even.
** And not just "American," but "American Military, Naval***."
*** I'm actually talking out of my ass, on this one. Closest I can distinguish Yank-Mil accents is between Marine and Not Marine. Sorry.


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