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Perfect February days! I miss out on these whenever I'm out of the Northwest for the season, but this time I'm around to enjoy it. Looks like we'll be getting three of 'em this year. Sweet.

I spent this one leaning against a tree and thinking of nothing in particular.
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Cracking a sub-joke would probably ruin the punchline.

(via Making Light: Particles)

Aside from that, how's life? The heat has gone beyond bad and into the realm of specific and hellish cruelty. Actually, it's only 83°, but the humidity kicks it up that extra notch by completely disabling my primary cooling system -- I can sweat all I want, but since there's nowhere for it to evaporate to, it won't make my life any better.

At least work has AC.
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Happy Enormous Cloudbursts Day!
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Okay, too hot now, thx.

So I was putting books in piles, preparing them to (eventually) wing* westward ahead of me, and do you know what textbook I really regret selling back at the end of term? The Norton Anthology of Renaissance Drama. I still own two Norton Backbenders, and they're decent enough (the generic Poetry one and the African American Literature), but go figure I sold off the one of them that I actually loved. Ah, well.

* Wheel, really. (Rail? Bueller?)
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It's still coming down. I don't know if or when it's going to stop.
a snow shot.

a snow shot.
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Yeah, highs of minus seven. There are things I will miss about this place, and there are things I will not.
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It's been kicking out the heat lightning for hours, now, and no sign of rain. My weather dingus says it's still 34° (and crazily humid, too), and I am about to go batshit loco. (Because we all know how gracefully I handle heat, right?) I was hoping to get some writing done tonight, but I don't think it's going to happen until the sky decides to stop dicking around with us. I'm antsy, is what I'm saying.

On an unrelated note, it appears to be heavy magic season again. Huh.
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Aayuuuuup—preeeetty fuckin' hot.

Weather widget sez it's plannin' on gettin' up near forty celsius today. I think in Fahrenheit that comes out to about ouchholyshitjesus degrees. But my math might be off.


Jun. 16th, 2006 08:19 pm
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This storm is probably the most egregious display of meterological violence I've ever landed in the middle of. Holy balls. Swirling whirlwinds, probably two or three inches of rain, and enough marble-sized skullcracker hailstones that it sounded like the world was ending. Copious thunder and lightning to season (including a hit just now right before I wrote this that sounded like a bomb going off) and a whole shitload of police and fire sirens. They MIGHT have set off the klaxons for a while, too, but I had no way to tell those from the other five sources of horrific noise right nearby. Minnesotans, is this shit normal? What the fucking fuck?

Anyway, it's still going on impressively a few hours later. Love it. I'm holed up in Acadia right now with some beer.

ALSO, ATTENTION TWIN CITIES PEOPLE: On July 6 at around 7 pm, we are all going to the Amazon Bookstore, which is on Chicago Avenue South, down by 47th street or so. We are going there because Alison Bechdel will be talking about her new graphic novel and doing a reading. (DTWOF readers are already familiar with Amazon; it was supposedly the template for Madwimmin Books.) Seattlites have about twenty minutes to get their butts down to the University Bookstore, or they can catch her tomorrow.

(Hat tip to Colleen Coover!)


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