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Oh hey, what the fuck, Tweetie 2 I mean Twitter for Mac finally came out? That was unexpected. Well, if there's one thing I love, it's being kind of a bitch about Twitter clients, so let's ride:
  • It's got support for lists! I think it's the first Twitter app for Mac that does the list thing and yet doesn't seem misguided and broken on a totally fundamental level. (Nambu's probably the closest behind, but I really can't stand it.)
    • Unfortunately, it doesn't expose them flatly the way Twitterrific for iPad does, so you have to drill down every time to get to them. Bogus.
  • Not down with this slide-and-stack UI nonsense they've got going on. Honestly, what the hell is supposed to be happening in this metaphor? That this stack keeps getting taller and taller every time I change views makes me nervous, like I'm going to have to clean it all up someday when the pile tips over and gets all over the foyer. I am only 30% joking, here.
    • On the other hand, I thought the Twitter for iPad UI was godawful at first, but they improved it pretty dramatically in the minor updates. Maybe they'll make it more spatially coherent in a month or three.
  • I've gotten used to Itsy's inline images, which make TfM's popups seem rather outdated in comparison.
  • Ha—when I unplugged my monitor, the window stayed taller than my MacBook's screen; now it won't auto-shrink, and there's no way to grab the resize control. Enjoy the land beyond the bottom of the screen, little window! Go where no man has gone before!
  • Hmm, the keyboard shortcuts seem pretty rich. That's nice.
  • It's still got the ability to do multiple tweet windows, which was always nice to have when I needed it. Does any other app else do that, or is that still Tweetie-only?
  • But DO NOT WANT tweet windows that hover over the top of everything. Eew. I understand the problem they were trying to solve, but I disapprove. I'd prefer that they come to the fore whenever any Twitter window was active but act like normal windows the rest of the time.
  • It's still tough to tell whether the main window is active, but that's less annoying than it was when it looked like it should dim the way normal Leopard/Snow Leopard windows do.
  • Feels pretty fast!
  • I can't remember: Was there ever any actual apology for that debacle where MacHeist and Atebits sold vaporware sneak peeks of Tweetie 2 and basically never delivered? *checks* Hahaha—looks like there's this, and also that, for whatever those're worth.
Anyway, all told I'd say it's a pretty decent app. I'm using it for now. Still hoping Twitterrific for Mac ends up living up to the promise of the iPad version. (Man, come to think of it, that update's been pending for even longer than Tweetie 2, hasn't it?)


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