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So I was just thinking that I missed being able to automatically post the current music to LJ, back when I was using Xjournal. And that got me thinking about whether I could rig something up to just type the current track into the web form for me, right? Answer: Hell yes, I can! It is Applescript, and is predictably barbaric. Check it out:

Paste current iTunes track.scpt:

Some barbaric Applescript )

(I was originally going to just use the keystroke function to actually TYPE the text, instead of blowing away the clipboard, but this turns out to result in comedy for tracks with any non-ASCII characters.)

And then when I was about to post about how cool this was, I ran smack into how annoying it is to turn formatted RTF-ey text into a useful HTML fragment. So I wrote a script to do THAT for me, too. This one requires an external tool called "premailer," so you'll have to install that with gem.

This one SHOULD work with styled text copied from Word, TextEdit, or basically anywhere, but I haven't tested it very thoroughly yet.

Convert RTF clipboard to HTML fragment.scpt:

More barbaric Applescript )

As ever, just paste these into Applescript Editor, save them in ~/Library/scripts, and run them with FastScripts.
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I got irritated by the fact that there was no way to switch subtitle tracks in Apple's DVD using the keyboard.* If there had been any sort of menu access to that control, then I could have gone into the Keyboard and Mouse preferences pane and manually fucked with the keybindings, but no dice: the one and only way to handle the subtitles is with the little remote control widget.

Well, screw that: DVD Player is scriptable, so I paused the disc for a few minutes and wrote a pair of scripts to let you activate, deactivate, and cycle through the available subtitle tracks. -- These scripts are in the public domain. Do whatever you want with 'em.

Download the zipfile and double-click it; it'll decompress into two Applescript files. Put them both in ~/Library/Application Support/DVD Player/Scripts.** Open up System Preferences, and go to the Keyboard and Mouse pane; go to the tab labeled Keyboard Shortcuts. Press the plus sign (+) button below the big list control. Choose DVD Player from the list of applications, and for the "Menu Title," enter either "Next Subtitle" or "Previous Subtitle" (without the quote marks... and you have to type them exactly right, or it won't work properly). The keyboard shortcut is up to you; I use ctrl-N and ctrl-P, but feel free to follow your own taste. If DVD Player is open, quit it and re-open it.

Once you have that set up, you can use those shortcuts (or the items they reference in the scripts menu) to move to the next or previous subtitle track. If you go forward past the last one or backward past the first one, it'll turn the subtitles off; moving in the same direction again will wrap around to the other end. Basically, it works exactly like you would expect it to.

* I'm watching Brick? And sometimes they talk really quiet. Fucking awesome movie, though.
** "~" is oldschool Unix shorthand for your home folder. So in other words, browse to your home folder, go to Library, etc.
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Yup, I made this. You probably don't have any need for it, but I like it a lot. It's especially nice if you're doing planning for a project or story with a whole bunch of discrete parts.


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