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Naomi Mitchison – Travel Light (Re-read)

Sept 30, 2014

I loaned my copy of Travel Light to Katie a long time ago, and I asked for it back when I was in town for her wedding. “Uh… I thought that was a gift, not a loaner,” she said. “And actually we had to buy another copy in addition, because the first one went missing for a while and we wanted to make sure we could still re-read it if we had one loaned out.”

So that’s my sister’s review of this book! And then I bought two more copies when I got back to Portland, so I guess that’s mine.

Notes this re-read: I remembered the way narrative time decompresses over the course of the book, but I’d forgotten how it re-compresses again at the end. Very thematically on-point.

Those poor men from Marob. :(

Insert deep thought about the preconditions for correct use of omniscient narration here.

YO, how effortlessly precise was it when Halla’s fireproofing came up again at the end, and right as Halla starts to realize how the world has changed around her we all behold what started as a lighthearted fairytale flourish and is now revealed as a miracle?

The changing of names, some resinously sticky and some sliding off at the first rain: Halla Bearsbairn, Halla Heroesbane, Halla Pathfinder, Halla Godsgift.

Mitsuru Adachi – Cross Game

Comics, re-read. July 2014

I know I just reviewed this a few months ago, but it’d been like a year since I’d read it.

I’m not gonna say anything new here, so here are some panel snaps.

Madeline L’engel and Hope Larson – A Wrinkle in Time

Comics. Mar 21, 2014

I had forgotten nearly everything about the book, and remembered that Hope Larson had done this comics adaptation a few years back (with colors by [ profile] jemale!), so I checked it out.

I’d remembered this series going Deep Weird into Christian apocrypha in the later books (hey Many Waters), but I was surprised by how religious it is even at the start. Well, like I said, I’d forgotten the whole thing, but I also probably didn’t really notice as a kid; I had a history of being kind of oblivious and just rolling with whatever.

Liked the art on this adaptation; Charles Wallace looks appropriately alien, and the atmosphere when the family is hanging out in the kitchen during the storm is pretty great.

Something about the story made me uneasy, this time around. It’s not just the religious stuff, it’s something I’m having a hard time putting a finger on. Something to do with a shadow ideology of Specialness or Smartness, that I would have accepted at age 9 but have since come to be really really wary of. I dunno; I’d have to comb back through and dismantle the dialogue to have an actual rumble with anyone about this, so I’ll just leave it at “uneasy.”

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