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Sometimes people ask me for comics recommendations. I just put together a list of webcomics for a friend from work, so I thought I'd throw it up here as well. Some of these are all-time faves, and some all-time faves are conspicuously absent, but these are all The Good Shit in one way or another.

  • Back - Raucous loony-tunes quest story with a dark edge.
  • Nedroid (aka that Beartato comic) - Masterfully precise visual gags; been around forever and is hugely underrated. Doesn't update very often, but it never misses. (Cartoonist is the artist for Back.)
  • HE IS A GOOD BOY - I don't know how to describe this, because if I say "horror comedy" you'll imagine the wrong thing. Maybe "nightmare comedy." I guess just go to and click five or six times. (Cartoonist is the writer for Back.)
  • Cucumber Quest - Brightly colored adventure story with excellent gags and a lot of heart.
  • Dicebox - Slice-of-life sci-fi family drama with occasional freaky hallucinations. This is one of my favorite comics ever. The first volume is available in print.
  • Bingogo - Japanese-style 4-komi about a gal who adopts some critters. Quietly bizarre.
  • Thunderpaw: In the Ashes of Fire Mountain - Adventure, cartoony/melancholy. Two dog-boys wander the wilderness after a natural disaster. Traditional comic panel layouts combined with looping animation for atmospheric effect.
  • Necropolis - Fairy tale / origin story. Excellent character and clothing design.
  • Boulet - A French cartoonist/raconteur posts whatever he happens to be overthinking. Wry sensibility, effortless visual excess.
  • The Meek - Gorgeous epic fantasy that hits a solid balance of empathy and pessimism. NSFW (one female lead is usually shirtless, but in non-sexual context). Recently back from multi-year hiatus.
  • Mare Internum - Same cartoonist as The Meek. Hair-raising man vs. nature action story with a seriously mentally ill protagonist. On Mars. Features flashbacks of child abuse if you want early warning about that.
  • Decrypting Rita - Exuberantly weird sci-fi about a small group of characters duplicated across a number of increasingly cartoonish alternate realities. First and second volumes are available in print.
  • Forming - Psychedelic pantheistic foul-mouthed alien creation myth weirdness. I have never seen anything like this. I think first volume is in print?
  • Rice Boy - The website says "a brightly colored and surreal fantasy adventure story" so I'll just go with that. It's finished, it's available in print, and it works really well as a unit. Author's current comic (Vattu) looks amazing but I haven't dived into it yet.
  • Brainchild - College kid is haunted by her reptilian doppelgänger. I don't know where this is going, but I like it.
  • Oh Human Star - A man comes back from the dead as a robot duplicate with all his original memories, and has to build new relationships with his estranged partner and his daughter / failed copy. First volume is available in print.
  • Derelict - A loner salvager gets caught up in a civil war. First volume is available in print.

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Date: 2015-09-28 09:26 am (UTC)
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Oh man, Dicebox and Decrypting Rita are two of my favorites! And I really love Vattu, I think when you get into it you'll really love it.

Thanks for the link to The Meek, I read all there was before the hiatus, it's so cool it's updating again!

You may perhaps enjoy Spacetrawler and Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life? I suppose it's possible you finished both of these, as they're complete stories. Oh! A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible! So beautiful.

I also love Family Man, if you love weird wolf mythology/possible werewolves and Enlightenment university politics, you may also love it!


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