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Things are happening and stuff! Constantly! Zzzzoooommm.


  • Ken convinced me to go see Balkan Beat Box several days ago, and I did not regret it. AMAZING.
  • Tegan & Sara's "The Con" is still one of my favorite albums. It just DOES something for me.

Nesting Instinct

Moving in. Always crazy. Photos... eventually. (Sorry, Mom!)

  • I can has inherited-from-previous-roommate desk, and while it's a cheapie, it doesn't suck. At least, it doesn't now that I've fixed the broken piece. Anyway, it's tasteful and is about the right height for the keyboard tray to be in a nice position. Now I just need a keyboard. (I want one of those new-style Apple keyboards, the aluminum ones with the Macbook-style chiclet keys.)
  • I also scored a bed, but I decided yesterday that the mattress was intolerable, so I got [ profile] itastelikelove (on his way back from Ashland) to help me lug it to the basement, and slapped my old perfectly-functional twin mattress atop the full-size boxspring. Now it looks like I'm sleeping on a ziggurat. I'll come up with a plan to replace it once I've got my finances under control (if I'm getting a mattress, I may as well get a fresh boxspring, since this one's a little saggy, and at that point I may as well replace the frame, which is unimpressive and makes potentially inconvenient creaking noises, and all that together will be either expensive or subject to the whims of fate or both), but this'll work fine for now. And it had the extra benefit of rendering unnecessary the unspeakably hideous sheets that went with the bed.
  • If the walls were white, I was totally going to mount a re-painting project (how done am I with sleeping in white rooms? Super done!), but they're this sort of dark olivey green, and I actually like it quite a bit. Once I get the bed thing sorted, I'm gonna get a set of linens and a bedspread in a dark orange or burnt orange shade, and I will be king in my world of interior decoration.
  • Oh, and I need some frames for some pictures. Must figure out where frames come from.
  • One hears some interesting shit outside this window.


  • Is work. This job is still okay by me. Gonna learn to knit! I'm making a hat!
  • It looks like the paychecks won't quite be what I need to live comfortably, so now that I have some paystubs, I'm gonna hit the social services office and try and score some food stamps.
  • A big chunk of the office has been at TNNA this week, out in Ohio. So I've been spending more time in front than usual, resulting in a whole lot of "Let me run to the back and grab someone whose knowledge about fiber arts surpasses 'fuck-all.'"
  • When cleaning a room whose reason for existing is to cause indelible stains, you kind of have to find some zen about it.


  • I'm actually kind of excited for the next version of Mac OS! $30 and everything suddenly runs faster and I get 6 gigs of disk space back? Sign me up. (Actually, there's more than one Mac in the family now, isn't there? We could get the household pack and save a few bucks.)
  • Via Daring Fireball, a new, free font that I'm kind of in love with. Call me weird, but I like writing prose in a monospaced font. It's comfier.


My bike was starting to seriously limp, so I finally just called one of the shops in town and asked whether there was such thing as an open workspace around here. There is! It's over on Belmont. The dudes are nice, and it's really well-lit (with real live sunlight, even), and there are clean rags, and it's $5/hr. Victory!

I checked it out last week, and went ahead and overhauled my back wheel, which, er, was rather in need. Gonna go back today and take care of my headset, which I was starting to get kind of worried about, and then probably hit my front wheel if I still have some time. Eventually, I want to try and track down this odd tick I'm hearing/feeling whenever my cranks pass a certain point in their orbit. Suspecting it's my bottom bracket (which is closed and will thus have to be replaced), but I figure it's worth checking my pedals (which I don't think have ever been overhauled) and taking a close look at the chainwheel first.

And that is what's up.

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Date: 2009-06-17 02:15 am (UTC)
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I am loving the image of that bed. That's priceless.


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