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So the idea of "body horror" as a genre or generic marker is that you are being transformed into something intrinsically and personally monstrous and everything is terrible. Right? So I figure the reverse of body horror is when you are transforming yourself into something (conventionally) monstrous because it's awesome and beautiful.

And the core idea of the magical girl genre is about undergoing a transformation into a prettier and more perfect version of yourself -- becoming more capable and self-actualized, then performing that capability aesthetically (prettier) and through ritual combat against physical embodiments of negative and destructive psychic forces (more perfect).

I figure? After the first time you have to defend your friends' lives by going toe-to-toe against a monster-of-the-week, your idea of "pretty" is going to change pretty damn quick. Fast and strong and efficient and shiny and bulletproof, and taking down a demon before it even gets a WHIFF of your designated love interest; THAT's pretty. And thus, our heroine's mystic-gem-fueled magical girl transformation gradually becomes more and more inhuman, but, and here's the thing, she is totally cool with this, because she A: has a job to do, and B: is in the process of adopting an aesthetic of function. And the monsters of the week are stuck dealing with eight feet of shiny glittering motion-blurred blade-fingered lantern-eyed (ribbon-bedecked, glass-armored, short-skirted, and let's be clear here, you get a super-legit sparkly transformation sequence before each battle) insectile terror.

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Not To Be Confused With.

Hey, let's talk about Howl's Moving Castle. Specifically, let's talk about how bad the Studio Ghibli movie sucks. AND HE'S OFF! )

Haha... all right, sorry about that. This was one of those things where I felt like I was on the verge of grasping something really important, and it was somehow vital to my craft that I spend the time obsessively digging it out. You know how it goes.
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Hey [ profile] vaulted_eel: You were totally right, Ouran High School Host Club is frickin' awesome. (Just finished the first ep, have #3 in the queue, and am fighting a particularly recalcitrant torrent for #2.)

I don't have much else to say about it... but I really like Haruhi as a protagonist. Aside from my long-standing just-in-general appreciation for boy-dressin' girls, I really like that she's... sensible. She just seems to react the way a real person would when absurd shōjo manga shit starts happening.


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