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NOOOOO, le Palace of Industry est mort!

"However, what I seem to have made is a bar that sells some treasures on the side, when what I set out to do was to make a shop that sells some drinks on the side. I had no idea when we first opened that we’d eventually be open till midnight, have 4 beers on tap, & that I’d be booking DJs & events 5 nights a week-and it’s been amazing, and fun. But in the end, my heart is in finding and purveying the treasures, and I’m going to be moving on so that I can do that, and only that."

The irony, of course, is that Cristin was a really good bartender! I don't know anything about the gals taking over the space (the former Palace will re-open at some point as the Lost and Found Lounge, and Cristin is taking over Flutter, on Mississippi Ave), but they have some fukkin shoes to fill. I've been in maybe three other joints that could go toe-to-toe with the erstwhile Palace in being really welcoming and yet making every patron feel like a member of some super-cool secret club.

(What was the Palace, you ask? This was the super improbable thrift shop bar that I first found on the 2011 Serial Park run.)

The relevant map, which I think we left in the boiler room back at the old place. )

Anyway, I liked the joint a lot, although I didn't make it up there that often, and I really regret missing the farewell party. Good luck to everyone involved.

(Also, there may be a vacancy in the PDX ecosystem now, if anyone's feeling opportunistic. I don't know of any better way to nudge a customer toward that vintage dress or jacket purchase than a $5 champagne/lavender/lemon twist cocktail.)

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Today, I finally went on that 13-parks-in-8-miles run I've been planning since early this spring. It was fantastic! It was further than I think I've ever actually run before. It was tons of NoPo shit I hadn't explored yet! It was... kind of pathetic, for those last two miles or so. But that's okay.

Anyway, the way this worked was that I took the Yellow Line up to almost the Expo Center, then bailed out and ran toward home. The parks, in order, were:

  • Kenton
  • Gummans
  • Arbor Lodge
  • Omaha Parkway
  • Patton Square
  • Pittman Addition
  • Madrona
  • Mocks Crest
  • Overlook
  • Denoval Unthank
  • Dawson
  • Lillis Albina
  • Irvington School

Everyone here who has tried to go somewhere with me in real life is now asking the same question, and the answer is yes, there was some navigational comedy, shut your damn mouth already, geez. Anyway, it was much better than it could have been because I am nobody's fool and hella brought a map:

Cut for image tallness )

Long story short, I just kind of assumed (based on Google Maps) that there was access to Mocks Crest from Greely, but said street turned out to be a highway at the bottom of the huge drop-off that gives Mocks Crest such a bitching 200° view. I'd never been there! I didn't know it was on a damn cliff! And I would have had to backtrack a shitload to get up there, which might have been fine except that I had no idea how to FIND it again after doing that, since the whole area is lousy with dead-ends.

So I said fuckit and climbed up the big fucking dropoff, blackberries and all. It was totally badass, although none of the folk drinking in the park seemed impressed. Anyway, I explored some once I made it up, and the answer for next time is to go straight from Patton Sq. to Madrona, then backtrack to Pittman Addition, take the spiral-ramp bridge over Going, and ride Skidmore to its dead-end at Mocks.

Other things:

  • Hurray for performance-enhancing drugs, by which I mean the big bowl of yerba maté I chugged before heading out.
  • So over on Gay Ave., just south of where Omaha Parkway dead-ends, there's this kind of amazing bar/thrift store. It is extraordinarily cute.
  • Madrona Park has a kind of impressive thimbleberry thicket! Alas, they weren't ripe, so I'll have to come back later in the summer.
  • Ow.

EDIT: I took Schwern out to Mocks because we were going to Prost anyhow, and he noticed something I hadn't: there's a convenient ramp right at the edge of the cliff in the event that you desperately need to launch over it. What?!
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I'm testing out one of those new Mac builds of Chromium (via), and it is actually kind of awesome! Feels sleek.

Lately I haven't been posting as often as I otherwise might have, because it turns out that I'm actually kind of reliant on having a native-app LJ client. And they all suck right now.

Xjournal used to be awesome, but it doesn't work with Dreamwidth and is stagnant these days anyway. iJournal always kinda sucked, and now it hasn't been touched for three years. MarsEdit technically works, but its DW and LJ support is... lacking. asLJ is too new to trust, Deepest Sender kind of defeats the purpose of using a client in the first place, and nothing supports the DW crossposter. So I have to post via a web form, which shouldn't slow me down as much as it does, but it does, so.

I AM MOVING HOUSE. Gonna go live with Schwern in inner Northeast! It'll be rad. I have not even started packing yet. Expect me to become increasingly bugfuck insane until the 6th or so.

The place I'm moving into is a 2nd-floor apartment in a brick building that kind of reminds me of my digs in Minneapolis. Not anything close to identical, but familiar enough to immediately feel like home.

That is a rather large spider in the bathroom, isn't it? I have granted her Not My Problem status, on the condition that she gets off the counter within the next half hour.

Writing continues to be difficult. DON' WANNA TALK 'BOUT IT.

It's one of those nights where The Replacements are once again everything I could ever want from pop music.

So yeah, this is my new job. I likes it lots. Folks is cool. Things:

  • The yarn world is far larger and stranger than I imagined.
  • Indigo is awesome. No, seriously, it's the weirdest shit. Reacts on oxygen contact! Changes color as you watch!
  • We get free coffee. My caffeine tolerance has shot through the roof.
  • The shop runs on this app called POS·IM, which apparently has a 20-year lineage and is One Hairy-Ass Beast. It's got a majorly schizoid personality. On the one hand, it's been polished for 20 years to suit the needs of small-to-midsize retail outfits, and in general, the developers have thought of everything you will need to do with the thing. On the other hand, the interface seems to be held together with baling wire and fun-tak, the search capabilities are about the least sophisticated I've ever seen, and none of the features seem able to decide whether they're made for database-savvy power users or the technically-disinclined. The manual is written in at least two, probably more like three different voices, which switch off without discernible pattern and use distinctly different sets of vocabulary. It perversely re-invents every available wheel. It makes it frustratingly fidgety and tedious to make any large-scale changes to the inventory, and frighteningly easy to wreck vast havoc.
    • I am absolutely confident in my ability to bend it to my will. JUST YOU WAIT.
  • No, I don't know how to knit yet. Gimme another week or two.
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What are you doing in Portland?! You live in the desert! There is no desert in Portland!

This is the healthiest one, probably on account of the good drainage and afternoon sun, but these guys are all over Woodstock. Does anyone know what the deal is? How does an outdoor cactus survive in the Pacific Northwest? It reminds me of those mad palm trees that were all over Cork.
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March 6th, at the Mission Theater & Pub, 1624 N.W. Glisan Street. Flook and Karen Casey. This is seriously the best night of Irish music you're likely to be offered in your lives. You should do it. I'll try and bring recordings of both of 'em to Salon. In the meantime:
Flook Flook Karen Karen

(Minneapolis people, we need to go see Flook on the 22nd. Doesn't look like Karen's going to be in tow, though.)


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