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This DIY whirlwind we’re in feels a lot like when you’re underleveled and underequipped for a dungeon, but you bull in there anyway bc you don’t have time to fuck around and grind til you’re “ready,” and if you get whacked and have to burn a revive or two then So Be It.

Especially installing these hardwood floors. Good gravy.
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Five pictures in the corner

Right, so I finally took care of business on a bunch of prints and sketches I had hanging around. Actually what happened was that I'd stowed them in Nóirín's room when I was doing the SAWDUST EVERYWHERE thing and happily ignored them for like three more months, and then she asked me to get them outta there, I put them in my room, and THEN they were suddenly an emergency. (My laziness and self-absorption as the proverbial immovable object and irresistible force, with the force winning this round.)

Photos of prints, framing/hanging tips )

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Part two of three, continued from here.

Sidenote: Musical Beds

Obviously I wasn't sleeping in the room for the rest of this. Since I got the short end of the house, the other two shuffled things around to accomodate me; sometimes I was sleeping on the futon, and other times Schwern would give up his bed. This is mostly irrelevant until the fire alarm starts going off.

King in my World of Sawdust

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You guys. Don't ever sand anything. It is a trap. )

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So, shit may have gotten a little out of hand with this bedroom situation. Shit may have also gotten out of hand with the post about said bedroom situation. (Part one of three!)

The last time I talked about this here was in January, and just... wow. That is a post by a very different Nick, his face unlined by suffering. I kind of want to give him a hug; poor bastard has no fucking idea what he's in for.

Here is how it happened.

The "Before" Photo

So yeah. Meet my room.

The carpet and the paint


This is how it looked when I moved in. Let us count the HELL NO. )


Jan. 25th, 2012 12:24 am
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OKAY. Whew. The schmutz left from tearing up the carpet is vacuumed up, mostly. I’ve moved my bed back in, for the time being, because not having my own sleeping space when I’m trying to do complicated logistical shit I’ve never done before makes me kind of frantic.

Next step is that I’m going to try and hit the Northeast Portland Tool Library tomorrow and borrow some form of power sander; in the meantime, I’m feeling almost ready to make some final judgments about paint colors. And once the landlord’s agent gets back to me on whether I can get away with a minimalist oil treatment, I’ll need to try and source some tung oil and thinner (preferably the citrus kind, but I’ll deal w/ the VOCs if I have to). Yeah anyway, home improvement. Phone me if you have tung oil.

Wow, hold up a second, I just paged back through the last month and apparently I’ve only half-mentioned the new digs like once. I feel like I’ve been about to write something about it several times, and then got overwhelmed by the required context and photos or whatever and gave up or something. Actually, I very nearly just did the same thing again.

Long story short, Schwern and I moved across the neighborhood and Nóirín joined the household, and we’re all living in this unspeakably adorable 3-bedroom house on the border between Northeast and North. Nóirín took the recently renovated and incredibly dope “princess suite,” on account of ponying up a wad of extra rent, and Schwern got the room downstairs with the patchwork wood closet. I took the other much smaller upstairs room because I desperately wanted its east-facing window, being no fool about what is necessary to get me properly up in the morning.

Friends, the condition of that smaller upstairs bedroom was wack. It was the only room in the entire house with carpet instead of wood flooring, and said carpet was vile. The walls were amateurishly painted a stomach-turning visiting-room-at-juvie sea green. The light switch had a cover that, well, I’ll show you later. But I wanted that window, and the rest of the house was killer, and I’ve gradually gotten permission to change everything I disliked about my room. The original plan was to just paint, but now I’ve torn up the carpet and revealed an unfinished board floor, and guys, it’s kind of wonderful. Once I get the splinter situation under control and lay down a few rugs, this room is going to be my badass little treehouse.

Too bad about me having zero natural home improvement aptitude, and about never having done anything of the sort before, BUT FUCKIT, I’m doing this anyway. And I’ve got some help from my friends, too, especially once I’m ready to paint.

So yeah, that’s what’s up. Pictures… eventually. There’re a few up at Flickr already.


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